These are the T&Cs the Primary Charter Guest must agree to

There must be a Primary Guest for each charter. This is typically the person organising, paying and booking for the experience. The Primary Guest must provide photo evidence of his ID either by a copy of his driving license of passport before or at the time of booking. He is responsible for the following:

  *Reading and agreeing to these T&Cs and asking us if he/she doesn’t understand something
  *Not altering these T&Cs
  *Paying the deposit and subsequent payment/s on time
  *Inviting guests in good health and who are appropriate for a boat trip
  *Arriving in good time for departure
  *Informing guests to use a toilet before departure
  *Informing guests to wear soft souled shoes only and to bring appropriate clothing for the weather
  *Taking full responsibility of guests’ behaviour onboard
  *Paying for any damage to the boat guests cause onboard
  *Ensuring guests do not drink excessively so as to affect their behaviour negatively
  *Ensuring no illegal drugs are brought onboard
  *Inform Attitude Charter of any guest disabilities or mental conditions priot to booking
  *Providing to to Attitude Charter the names, email addresses and residential addresses of all invited guests

No charter is considered officially booked unless a payment has been made by the Primary Guest, or any company or person paying on his behalf.
Typical payment terms are:
   *If your chosen charter date is more than 30-days away from the charter date 50% deposit required to book all charters.
   *If your chosen charter date is 30-days or less away, then full payment will be required to book your charter.
No credit facilities or deferred payment arrangements are available to any clients unless previously agreed with and confirmed by a director of the company. Those
terms (if agreed) are exclusive to that transaction only and will not be extended into any on-going arrangement. In the event that an invoice remains unpaid beyond the due payment date, you run the risk of losing your charter date.

Should you decide (or are forced) to cancel your trip, you are protected by our Flexible Cancellation Policy. It means we'll endeavour to rebook your trip ASAP. If it means carrying the charter into the next year we will do so for you. If you can't rebook and would like a refund, they are applied as follows:
   *Any charter cancellations by the client more than 30 days from the charter date will receive 100% of their charter fee back less a £100 cancellation fee.
   *Any charter cancellations by the client less than 30 days from the charter date will receive 50% of their charter fee back.
   *Any charter cancelled by the client less than 14 days from the charter date will receive 0% of their charter fee back.

Should we be forced to cancel your trip (based on mechanical issues with the boat), refunds are applied as follows:
 *Regardless of when we cancel your trip, which will only be short notice because we cannot fix something and the boat is out of action, we'll initially try and rebook you ASAP. If no suitable dates are available, or you do not wish to rebook, you will receive a 100% refund within 7-days of our cancellation of your trip.
  *If this occurs during your charter then a second date will be offered for the unused hours of your charter plus 2 hours compensation. Financial recompense will be offered if you are unable to return for the unused charter hours.
No financial liability shall attach itself to Attitude Charter beyond the refund of the full fee paid by the Primary Guest.

It is mandatory that all passengers are given a full safety briefing by the Skipper, immediately prior to departure. All passengers are required to pay attention to the safety information given. Please make the Skipper aware of any medical conditions that may affect you or your party including any mental health issues. Details can be given privately by asking the Skipper, or the crew member, either at the time of booking or arrival with us.

All passengers must be reasonably fit for a performance boat ride. Each person gets a seat of course, but boarding and disembarking requires the same effort as using a standard household staircase. Excessive and obvious consumption of alcohol prior to departure will result in those affected persons not being granted access to the boat. This will not result in any partial refund for the Primary Guest.

You are solely responsible for your personal belongings whilst travelling with us. Any valuables taken aboard our vessel are done so entirely at your own risk and Attitude Charter accepts no responsibility for them whatsoever. Particular care should be taken of hats, sun glasses, spectacles, mobile phones, camera equipment and any valuables. Care should be taken to avoid them getting wet or lost overboard. Extra care should be taken when using photo equipment whilst moving.

Should you arrive late on the day of charter, regardless of the reason, the end time of the charter will not be extended to make up for your delayed start. It is your responsibility to arrive in good time for the Safety Briefing. By arriving late you simply delay the Safety Briefing. All charter guests must undergo a Safety Briefing.

Powerboat rides and charters are not suitable for people with some medical conditions or disabilities such as knee, hip, back, neck or weight problems. Please check with us prior to booking if you're unsure if you or any member of your party may be affected by the impact or motion of the boat on the water. It is the responsibility of the Primary Guest to ensure that all members of their charter are made aware of this, and we are notified accordingly. All members of the group hold an individual responsibility to draw our attention to any such condition during the charter and to notify either the Skipper or crew of the circumstances. Please contact us to discuss how to include members of your party who may be pregnant.

Wheelchair users, or people with certain disabilities, might not find it possible to board. We support power boating for people of all abilities and can offer disabled people access if at all possible. Please contact us if a member of your party has special requirements and we will attempt to accommodate them. Attitude Charter will hold no responsibilty for boat access for any guest who has not highlighted their challenges prior to arrival.

If, in the opinion of the Skipper, any passenger has consumed too much alcohol or is under the influence of drugs causing impaired reaction or displaying irrational behaviour likely to compromise safety, we reserve the right to refuse to board them. If such behaviour is noticed during a trip, and the person/s will not act accordingly, then they will be ejected from the boat at the closest safe haven. No subsequent costs or claims for alternative transport to the required destination will be accepted.

In the event of extreme wind or particularly heavy and constant rain, a safety decision will be made by the Skipper, and it may be necessary to postpone your charter. Future dates will be offered or time pro rata if cancellation occurs during your trip. This is part of charting a boat in the UK and common practice. We will always aim to give you as much sea time as possible.

Any wilful or accidental damage to the boat is the responsibility of the Primary Guest. Rectification or repairs will be charged for at the market rate and invoice settlement will be expected immediately. Intentional discharging of lifejackets must be paid for as well. To avoid doubt this includes damage from putting foreign objects into the toilet. Although the toilet on board functions just like the ones at home, they are choosy about what they digest so we ask that you do not use it for number twos, the pipes are narrow. Professional cleaning charges apply if professional cleaning is required to deal with any spillages or staining.

We will file an MAIB (Marine Accident Investigation Brand) report for any significant injuries or accidents sustained whilst afloat and any minor injury or 'near-miss' will be
recorded and filed. Please immediately inform the Skipper of any injury sustained as soon as it happens in order that that we can adequately assess the situation, offer
first aid where necessary or summon further medical assistance. Please inform your Skipper if you experience any unusual discomfort which may be indicative of more
significant issues. If the charter needs to be curtailed we will refund pro rata as per our curtailment or cancellation conditions. Alternatives on a pro rata basis will be
offered where the injury is the result of an accident. No refund will be due where the injury or condition is pre existing or caused by a member of the charter party
through negligence or wilful act.

Attitude Charter may take images or video footage of your charter trip. These photographs and moving images can be used by us for advertisements, marketing, leaflets and promotional purposes. If you would prefer that we did not photograph or film you, please let us know before your charter commences. The main reason we film is to supply YOU with a complimentary video of your day.

The Skipper's decision on marine and safety matters is final. A Skipper’s authority is total under maritime law. The Skipper shall take any action he considers fit for the
well-being of the vessel and crew. It is understood that the Skipper is in full command, and that all passengers agrees to abide by his judgment as to operational management, weather conditions, anchorages and other pertinent matters. Any dispute or query should be brought to our attention by midday 7 days from your charter date by emailing [email protected]

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