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What are the payment terms?

You pay 50% to secure your charter date. The balance is payable 30 days from your charter date. If you book less than 30 days from your charter date then the full amount is payable at the time of booking.

What is your Flexible Cancellation Policy and what if I need to change my charter date?

It's standard practice in the industry that if you cancel inside 30 days you lose all your money. We don't agree with that. Our Flexible Cancellation Policy means we'll find you a new date if you have complications your end. A new date could mean next year if, for whatever reason, we can't satisfy you with a suitable date in the same year. The 'Cancellation by you' policy applies. It says - Any charter cancellations by the client more than 30 days from the charter date will receive 100% charter fee refund less a £100 cancellation fee. Any charter cancellations by the client less than 30 days from the charter date will receive 50% charter fee refund. Any charter cancellations by the client less than 7 days from the charter date will receive 0% charter fee refund.  

What's included in my charter fee?

Exclusive use of our Technohull Attitude 35 for the duration of your charter for you and your guests. A commercially endorsed RYA (Royal Yachting Association) skipper with experience of operating in the Solent at day and night. A hostess to look after you onboard. Fuel - most charter firms charge you a charter fee PLUS FUEL. We don't, no one like extras, so fuel is included. A profesionally edited video of your day as a keepsake and featuring everyone in your party. Light snacks. Champagne half a bottle per person for all experiences excluding Restaurant Transfers where it's 2 glasses per person, bottled water, soft drinks and whatever you ask for in your pre-trip preferences. Use of inflatable sea toys when at anchor.

What's not included in my charter fee?

Meals, drinks and tips ashore at restaurants are your responsibility. Any extra alcoholic drinks aboard, above the included allocation of one bottle of Champagne per 3 persons, are not included in your charter fee.

Why do all boat charters cost more than you thought they would?

Buying, running and maintaining a boat is a seriously expensive pastime. First you need to buy a boat. Some use RIBs worth £30,000 but others use large motorboats costing millions. Fuel for a smaller RIB business could be £25,000 a year, with 60-70ft boats consuming over £100,000's worth. Annual mooring fees range from £7,500 to £50,000. Maintenance is a bottomless pit. Servicing of engines alone can run into tens of thousands each year. All the small things add up too - take a humble mooring line - that's £75 and you need six. Insurance is £4,000 - £10,000.  Plus all the usual overheads associated with running a business. To legally carry fare-paying passengers on board a boat you must be a Commercially Endorsed RYA (Royal Yachting Association) skipper. This qualification takes a significant investment of time and money. Most charter companies provide a skipper to drive you around. We do too, but you also lay on a hostess to ensure you're well looked after. We could do this for £499 a day, but you wouldn't have anything close to the unique experience we can give you.

Do you have to tip the crew like in Below Deck?

You've paid for your charter and this is not TV. We do not expect any extra financial compensation from you at the end of your trip.

What are the hidden costs and extra charges I should be aware of?

Just like you, we hate hidden costs. Unlike the vast majority of other charter companies who charge extra for fuel, we do not. Your fuel is included.  Just pay extra for drinks if you want more than the drinks that are included in your charter fee - which is 2 glasses per person and unlimited soft drinks and bottled water. 

How many guests can I bring? 

Up to 5 guests and yourself, so a party of 6.


Do we have to wear life jackets? 

Yes. All persons onboard must wear lifejackets at all times when the boat in moving. They are provided.

How safe is this activity?

This is a fun activity. So long as you and your guests listen to, and follow, the Safety Briefing (10 minute chat before we leave) there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The only thing we can't control is the weather and we're never more than 10-15 minutes from a safe haven.

What kind of quality control do you have & how do I know the boat will be in good condition? 

It is a legal requirement that UK vessels (up to 24 metres in length) in commercial operation or charter use, carry no more than 12 passengers and comply with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Small Commercial Vessel and Pilot Boat Code of Practice. They must be issued with valid certificates by a recognised certifying authority. Coding is a safety standard which includes things such as how suited the vessel is for charter work, the maximim passengers she can carry, that she has the necessary safety equipment (e.g. 4 different types of flares, radio beacon transponder and an 8 man liferaft), how far from a 'safe haven' she can operate from and whether the boat can work at night. Inspection is carried out by a registered coding surveyor.

What if we break down out at sea?

In the unlikely event of a machanical failure, we are members of SeaStart. They're like the AA or RAC for boatowners. They have a 45 minute average response time & over 90% of callsouts are resolved there and then. If we cannot effect repairs we'll be towed back to port. We're never more than approx 30 mins tow time from Lymington. Your unused charter hours will be rescheduled at your convenience plus an extra 2 hours for your inconveniece and to show you that we're sincerely sorry.

What happens if it rains on our charter day? 

We don't like all those weathermen who tell us rain is bad weather. There's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing, so get yourself a sexy raincoat a live a little! OK, this is England and, inevitably, it WILL rain sometimes. Rarely does it rain all day. Have you seen how much fun people have at festivals when it rains? You've probably even been one of those muddy revellers yourself. Being out on the water in rain can often be spectacular. Rain is not a reason for us to cancel your charter. Neither is it a reason for you to cancel your charter. You book knowing it can rain and, if it does rain, we will still run the event. If we stayed in port every time it rained we wouldn't be in business very long. There are lots of excellent restaurants and pubs on the Isle of Wight if you want to shelter. We have a small cabin on the boat, it isn't fully exposed to the elements. Swimming in the rain is unforgettable and makes the sea feel warmer.


What shoes do we wear?

Strictly soft souled shoes only please. Trainers, flip flops and barefeet are ideal. 100% no heels. If you want to wear heels for dinner, carry them.

What clothing will we need? 

We want all our guests in shorts and bikinis. The months of June through to September can be a delight at sea, but the same months can still be chilly when motoring into a headwind in the rain. The weather forecast obviously will dicate your attire. If you're not used to going out on a boat, it will always feel less warm than it does on land. Bring clothing allowing for it to feel 5c less. Most people will feel warm enough in a t-shirt in the summer months but still pack a hoodie/top. if the forecast says rain, then obviously bring waterproof clothing too. We hope you don't need it.  We have a cabin and blankets, so whatever you bring, if you're cold we can keep you warm. We do not provide wet weather gear.

Can I bring my kids? 

Of course, so long as you believe they'll enjoy it. Remember, a boat is a confined space with the emphasis of the trip being the scenery, food and freedom from the day-to-day pressures of life. We'll do all we can to ensure their safety but can't take total responsibility. They must be capable of understanding the safety briefing.

Can I bring my pets? 

No...unless you own a donkey! We love donkeys and are looking for one with Attitude for our next promotional video.  

How fast does the boat go? 

Our insurers have limited us to 30 knots, which is 35mhp. Boats feel much faster than cars at the same speed.


I've heard about The Hut (Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight). What's all the fuss about? 

The unique experience of arriving at a restaurant by boat, the location, seeing your boat anchored and waiting for you as you eat, the sunsets, the great seafood, the excellent levels of friendly informal service, the cocktails, the music & the atmosphere.

Is any food included?

Yes. Snacks and nibbles are provided on a complimentary basis on all charters. Lunch is usually taken off the boat at a waterside restaurant. Onboard picnics can be arranged, as can beach picnics. If wish to bring any of your own food that will be fine but please check with us first before doing so.

What if we want extra drinks onboard? 

We carry extra drinks so you can buy more during the day. We want everyone to have a fantastic time but it is also our prime responsibility to maintain your safety. Therefore, as you would expect, we reserve the right to refuse you more drinks if we deem parties to be intoxicated to the point of endangering themselves and/or others aboard.

Can we bring our own drinks? 

 Soft drinks yes, but not alcohol.

Do you have a toilet aboard? 

Yes. However, be aware that boat toilets are nothing like household toilets... and before you ask, we have no idea why. Even on larger boats they still have silly small toilets. The main difference is that they don't tend to do well with 'number 2s'!!! We will ask you to please use a proper/normal land toilet before we set off. You won't be onboard for more than approx. 3 hours in any one go.

Can we smoke? 

No, not on the boat.

What if we feel seasick?

Seasickness is more common on sailing boats than powerboats. However, anyone can get motion sicknesss. It happens when your brain receives conflicting information from your body, your eyes, and your inner ear (which tells your brain how your head is moving). The usual advice is to lie down (we have a cabin) and keep your head still. Look at the horizon is another supposed cure. We casn add some distractions - music or food for example. If you can’t keep it at bay, there are two kinds of medicine you can take for motion sickness. The first is antihistamines, both prescription and over-the-counter. These are the most commonly used medications for motion sickness, and they’re available in any drug store and in many supermarkets. Make sure to read the drug labels, though. One of the big side effects of these medications is drowsiness. Some products use different ingredients that don’t make you as sleepy, but they may not work as well. You'll have to bring yourt own if you're worred about seasickness as we can't supply drugs. Ultimately, if you're feeling unwell and it won't go away, we'll head for the cloest port.

How far away from the mainland is the Isle of Wight? 

Lymington to Yarmouth is only 4 miles.

What single aspect of your charters in unmissiable?

If what you're really after is an affluent experience which gives you a feeling of being rich in life, then ensure your charter involves anchoring in Alum Bay. Floating and relaxing on inflatable seatoys with a cold drink, tied to a beautiful sports boat with some cool tunes playing for the perfect atmosphere is the ultimate experience. The location is peaceful with stunning scenery. This is a part of Experiences 2, 3 and 4.

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